Two Top Fats to Support Fitness -- Olive and Coconut Oil

February 9, 2017

Fats and fitness—it can be confusing. After all, it doesn’t sound like fat should be in the diet of someone who wants to be lean. And yet we know fat is essential…so, which fats are best?

Clean fats like avocado and raw nuts are a good starting point, and, cooking fats are likely to account for a lot of your daily fat intake. Let’s take a look at two top choices for oils in general.

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Winter Citrus: It Brings You More than Vitamin C

January 24, 2017

Fresh citrus fruit shipped in from warm-weather climates is a special treat for most northerners in winter. Bright and tasty, citrus also offers us many health benefits.

When we think about oranges, limes and grapefruits, we might think first of Vitamin C, but there’s more goodness there to be found, including fiber, minerals and antioxidants.

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Purge your Pantry and Start the Year Right

January 12, 2017

It’s that time of year again when many of us are ramping up our self-care so we can move away from our bad habits, get fitter and healthier, and maybe lose a few pounds.

You can take care of many of those goals by paying close attention to the food you put in your body. A deep pantry purge helps you clean up your diet and start the year right!

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The Quicker Winter Kitchen—Hot, Healthy Meals, Fast

December 29, 2016

One big reason many people are derailed from weight loss and fitness goals involves eating right…. eating the right amount of the right foods at the right times takes work.

Plus, it takes time, and a bit of skill, too. Since eating well requires fresh ingredients and cooking meals, it can be tough in a busy winter life. Batch cooking to the rescue—fast!

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Eat Like Your Ancestors, And Enjoy It

December 19, 2016

If you pay attention to the latest diet news or popular nutrition experts, you’ve learned that trends come and go—but there’s one eating style that has been making a recent comeback.

The “hunter/gatherer” is an integral part of the history of man and his diets, is. For eons, your ancestors ate unmodified foods, straight from nature. Here’s how you can, too.

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Clean Eating Holiday Guide: Top 8 Dishes to Enjoy this Year!

November 22, 2016

If you’re an experienced dieter, hopefully you’ve learned: when you find eating guidelines that work for you, stick with them. With dieting, to yo-yo is a no-no.

But starting with Thanksgiving, eating healthy can be a challenge all winter long. So let’s focus on the positive—what can you eat without overstuffing or feeling deprived?

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Talk Turkey: How This Lean Meat Helps You Build Mass

November 9, 2016

Maybe you already know that lean meat is a leading choice for dietary protein in many a fitness-focused diet—protein that our bodies can use as we build muscle and strength.

Top choices for high-protein foods are usually lean beef, chicken breast and broiled fish. Now that it’s November, let’s talk turkey, a great ingredient beyond the carving platter.

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Foods Fit for Fall: Squash

October 25, 2016

When you think of classic autumn dishes, pumpkin might come to mind—especially because it seems everywhere you look, there’s another item flavored “pumpkin spice.”

But don’t pass by other winter squash varieties this fall, with harder skins and brighter flesh than summer’s zucchini. Acorn, butternut and more are perfect picks fit for fall feasts.

EAT SMART in The XSport Life - Recipes here

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