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St. Charles

238 N. Randall Road St. Charles IL 60174 · (630)443-1043

Classes* Effective 07/01/14 through 09/30/14 •  Last Updated 6/28/2014

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5:30 AM(30min) Cycle Studio 2/Scott
6:00 AM(30min) Tabata Studio 1/Scott
8:30 AM(60min) 20/20/20 Studio 1/Linda
9:00 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Carrie
9:00 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Kim
9:30 AM(60min) Kickbox Boot Camp Studio 1/Laura W
10:30 AM(60min) Yoga Stretch Studio 1/Kim
12:30 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Selange
4:30 PM(60min) Mind/Body Strength Studio 1/Katie
5:30 PM(45min) Kickbox Boot Camp Studio 1/Katie
6:30 PM(60min) Muscle Max Studio 1/Carrie
6:30 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Taylor
7:30 PM(60min) WERQ Studio 1/Mary
5:30 AM(60min) Interval Training Studio 1/Jennifer Krumm
7:15 AM(60min) Muscle Max Studio 1/Allison
8:15 AM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Kim
9:00 AM(60min) Interval Training Gym/Whitney
9:30 AM(60min) Core Commotion Studio 1/Linda
9:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Kim
11:30 AM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Jessica Ruck
12:30 PM(60min) Hot Yoga Studio 2/Cyndi
4:30 PM(60min) Step Studio 1/Kim Gehrmann
5:30 PM(60min) Interval Training Studio 1/Monika
6:30 PM(60min) Hot Yoga Studio 2/Al
6:30 PM(30min) Pure Strength studio 1/Monika
7:30 PM(75min) Hot Yoga Studio 2/Kim
5:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Whitney
8:30 AM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Amy Bayer
9:00 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Whitney
9:30 AM(60min) Hot Yoga Studio 2/Cyndi
9:30 AM(60min) Tabata studio 1/Darlette
10:00 AM(30min) Trek N Tread Treadmills/Whitney
12:30 PM(30min) Cycle Studio 2/Laura H
1:00 PM(30min) Pure Strength Studio 1/Laura H
4:30 PM(60min) Muscle Max Studio 1/Season
5:30 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Laura W
6:30 PM(30min) Step Studio 1/Laura W
6:30 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Sue
7:00 PM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Lisa
5:30 AM(60min) Tabata Studio 1/Jennifer Krumm
8:30 AM(60min) Cardio Kickboxing Studio 1/Darlette
9:30 AM(60min) Muscle Max Studio 1/Carrie
9:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Kim
10:30 AM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Jessica
12:30 PM(60min) Boot Camp Studio 1/Hector
4:30 PM(60min) 20/20/20 Studio 1/Season
5:30 PM(60min) PILOXING Studio 1/Katie W
6:30 PM(30min) INSANITY Studio 1/Allison
7:00 PM(60min) Hot Yoga Studio 2/Cyndi
7:15 PM(60min) Dance Fitness Studio 1/Evelyn
5:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Kathryn Rund
8:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Taylor
8:30 AM(60min) Pure Strength Studio 1/Darlette
9:00 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Whitney
9:15 AM(60min) Boot Camp Gym/Monika
9:30 AM(60min) Power Yoga Studio 1/Kim G
12:00 PM(60min) Hot Yoga Studio 2/Kim
4:30 PM(75min) Hot Yoga Studio 2/Kim
6:00 PM(60min) Boot Camp Studio 1/Kevin
7:15 AM(60min) Pure Strength Studio 1/Allison
8:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Chrissa
8:30 AM(60min) Step Studio 1/Kim
8:30 AM(60min) AquaZumba pool/Joey
9:30 AM(45min) INSANITY Studio 1/Linda
10:15 AM(15min) Ultimate Arms 15 studio 1/Linda
10:30 AM(60min) PiYo Studio 1/Monique
8:15 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Chrissa
8:30 AM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Monique
9:30 AM(60min) Cardio Kickboxing Studio 1/Katie
4:30 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/David

For questions or concerns regarding the Group Exercise Schedule please contact:
Laura Webb, Regional Group Exercise Manager 708-759-8283

* All classes are subject to change

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