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Special Class: 7:05pm, Pilates Luau Party!, Studio 1
Member Appreciation Day, Thursday, July 31st
Classes* Effective July 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014 •  Last Updated 6/27/2014

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6:00 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Jeanine
9:30 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Kristina
10:00 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Rachelle
10:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Anna
10:35 AM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Julia
11:45 AM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga Studio 1/Suzi G.
5:30 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Beth & Drew
6:30 PM(60min) RPM Studio 2/Jen
6:35 PM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 1/Beth & Drew
7:40 PM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Deborah Y./Elena
8:40 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Tea
5:45 AM(60min) RPM Studio 2/Heather F.
5:45 AM(30min) INSANITY Studio 1/Sarah M.
9:45 AM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 1/Drew
10:50 AM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Priscila (Sub: Christina E.)
5:00 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Priscila (Sub: Kelly T.)
6:05 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Angie
7:00 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Andra
7:15 PM(60min) INSANITY Studio 1/Carlin
8:15 PM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Gwen
6:00 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Heather F.
9:30 AM(60min) Boot Camp Studio 1/Rob (Sub: Melissa K.)
10:45 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Rob (Sub: Patricia M.)
11:00 AM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga Studio 1/Suzanne (Sub: Jess)
5:30 PM(60min) Boot Camp Studio 1/Sarah M.
6:00 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Emalee
6:30 PM(60min) BODYJAM Studio 1/Liz
7:30 PM(60min) BODYCOMBAT Studio 1/Lisa P.
8:30 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Jackie N.
5:45 AM(60min) RPM Studio 2/Emy
6:00 AM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 1/Alicia (Sub: Ada)
9:30 AM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Kelly T.
9:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Kim M.
10:35 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Kristie (Sub: Kristina)
5:30 PM(30min) INSANITY Studio 1/Patricia/Resse
6:05 PM(60min) WERQ Studio 1/Terry
6:30 PM(60min) RPM Studio 2/Jen
7:05 PM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Steph
8:05 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Vindhya
6:00 AM(60min) RPM Studio 2/Kimmy T. (Sub: Jen)
8:40 AM(60min) Zumba Studio 1/Debora C.
9:45 AM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 1/Rob (Sub: Drew)
9:45 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Cynthia
11:00 AM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga Studio 1/Cynthia (Sub: Christina G.)
12:00 PM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Laura
8:30 AM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 1/Marial
8:30 AM(60min) RPM Studio 2/Michael
9:35 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Marial
10:00 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Melanie A.
10:40 AM(60min) BODYJAM Studio 1/Elizabeth
11:45 AM(60min) Power Yoga Studio 1/Christina/Rita
9:30 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 1/Patricia M.
10:00 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 2/Drew
10:45 AM(60min) BODYFLOW Studio 1/Teresa
10:45 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Patricia M.
12:00 PM(60min) Zumba Basketball Court/Terry

For questions or concerns regarding the Group Exercise Schedule please contact:
Beth Rabbin, Regional Group Exercise Manager

* All classes are subject to change

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