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6am BOO-dy Pump! Studio 2
Member Appreciation Day, Wednesday, October 29th
Classes* Effective October 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014 •  Last Updated 9/28/2014
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6:00 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Amy (Sub: Angie)
9:30 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Ellyn
5:00 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/LAUNCH CLASS! Nina & Genevieve
5:00 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Sarah M.
6:00 PM(60min) Boot Camp Studio 2/David
6:10 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Sarah M.
6:10 PM(15min) Ultimate ABS Studio 1/Galina
6:30 PM(60min) Power Yoga Studio 1/Francisca
7:00 PM(60min) BODYJAM Studio 2/LAUNCH CLASS! Elizabeth, Kate, Liz, Stephanie
7:15 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Michael
7:30 PM(60min) BODYFLOW Studio 1/Kristin
8:00 PM(60min) BODYCOMBAT Studio 2/Galina
9:00 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Katie C.
5:45 AM(60min) BODYCOMBAT Studio 2/Christine B.
6:00 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Alyssa H.
9:45 AM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Holly
10:30 AM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Kelly T.
11:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Sarah M.
5:00 PM(60min) BODYCOMBAT Studio 2/Kate F.
5:00 PM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Maggie (Sub: Heather M.)
6:00 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Sarah C.
6:00 PM(60min) BODYFLOW Studio 1/Whitney
6:00 PM(30min) INSANITY Studio 2/Patricia M.
6:40 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Colleen (Sub: Patricia M.)
7:15 PM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Sarah C.
7:15 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Kelly M. (Sub: Alissa W.)
8:00 PM(60min) Zumba Basketball Court/Andrea D.
6:00 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Jeanine
9:30 AM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 2/Christine B.
9:30 AM(60min) Aquafit Pool/Connie
10:30 AM(60min) BODYFLOW Studio 1/Kate F.
11:45 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Ellyn
5:00 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Andrea D.
5:15 PM(45min) Ultimate ABS Studio 1/Connie (Sub: Elisabeth S.)
6:00 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Tejas
6:00 PM(60min) PILOXING Studio 2/Kim D.
6:10 PM(60min) Power Yoga Studio 1/Anna J.
7:00 PM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 2/LAUNCH CLASS! Ellyn & Alicia
7:15 PM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Elisabeth S.
8:05 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Patricia M.
6:00 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Courtney
6:00 AM(60min) BODYATTACK Studio 2/Ellyn
9:30 AM(60min) BODYCOMBAT Studio 2/Christine B.
9:45 AM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Holly
11:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Sarah M.
5:00 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Ellyn
6:00 PM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Sarah C.
6:00 PM(60min) Power Yoga Studio 1/Nikki F.
6:00 PM(60min) BODYJAM Studio 2/Kate F.
6:30 PM(60min) AquaZumba Pool/Viviana
7:00 PM(60min) BODYCOMBAT Studio 2/Amelia
7:05 PM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga Studio 1/Francisca
8:00 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Sarah J.
6:00 AM(60min) Boot Camp Studio 2/David
9:30 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Ellyn
10:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Kendra
11:45 AM(60min) BODYFLOW Studio 1/LAUNCH CLASS! Kate F. & Ellyn
5:30 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Isabel
6:30 PM(60min) BODYFLOW Studio 1/Ellyn (Sub: Whitney)
6:35 PM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Beth
8:30 AM(60min) BODYCOMBAT Studio 2/LAUNCH CLASS! Kate F. & Colleen
8:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Kelly M. (Sub: Courtney)
9:30 AM(60min) BODYSTEP Studio 2/LAUNCH CLASS! Lindsey, Megan, Aline, Beth
9:45 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Tejas
9:45 AM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga Studio 1/Danielle R.
10:35 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Colleen
11:40 AM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Isabel (Sub: Katie C.)
12:00 PM(60min) Yoga Studio 1/Maggie/Heather M.
8:30 AM(60min) BODYPUMP Studio 2/Christine B.
8:30 AM(60min) Cycle Studio 3/Kim M./Sarah M.
9:45 AM(30min) INSANITY Studio 2/Jenna/Melissa S.
10:45 AM(60min) Pilates Studio 1/Andrea T./Melissa K.
12:00 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Katie C.
4:30 PM(60min) Power Yoga Studio 1/Mary R.
6:00 PM(60min) Zumba Studio 2/Kelly T./Wilamir

Child’s Play Supervised Play Area is available:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 1pm & 4pm – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 1pm

For questions or concerns regarding the Group Exercise Schedule please contact:
Beth Rabbin, Group Exercise Manager

*Advance sign-up required for Cycle classes due to limited space. Sign up begins 1 hour before class at the front desk. Member must be present in the club to sign up. All classes are subject to change.

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