A New Way to Relax & Recover: Try the Hydromassage Bed

November 22, 2016
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There’s no doubt you can benefit when you schedule a massage therapy session after a rough week, a tough workout, a grueling training schedule or a challenging competition.

Then again, if your schedule doesn’t allow for as much massage as you’d like, now you can relax and recover with a convenient full-body massage in our Self Spa Hydromassage bed.

A Fully Interactive Massage Experience

Imagine laying down on a big soft bed with warm waves of water rushing over you…except you don’t get wet and the water is actually underneath you.

The Hydromassage bed features an interesting jet system that travels up and down your body from head to toe, pulsing heated water into your sore back and tight muscles.

Following are some of the unique features and benefits of this special self-treatment:

  • Wave-like streams of heated water that can be used for general relaxation or to target specific areas in need of extra attention
  • A customizable program that allows you to select the desired massage pressure up to 10 levels, from a light touch to a deep tissue approach
  • The ability to adjust the speed of the jet massage up to 4 settings, for the jets to pass over slowly to push at tight spots or quickly to give an invigorating “rub down” effect
  • The ability to select the exact points where you would like to concentrate the massage, up to 30 trigger points or trouble spots, simply with a tap of the touch screen
  • Multimedia entertainment menu available during the massage
  • An open, bed-style design which lets you rest alone in comfort, on your back to massage calves, thighs, back and shoulders, face down to focus on the quads and chest, or even reclining sideways to release the IT band running from the knee to the hip
  • A touchscreen provides a high-tech tool for customizing your massage, or selecting one of many preset programs for massage types, such as “detoxification,” “meditation,” etc.
  • The chance to access a multi-media content library with music, wellness articles and games to enhance your relaxation time during the massage
  • Up to 20 minutes of relaxation time, completely alone. The hydromassage bed is also recommended as a prep for a deep tissue or sports massage, to help release tissues and start the detox process

The Hydromassage is available as part of the Self Spa offering at several XSport clubs. Click here to request a free session. Contact the spa for more details on how the Hydromassage experience can work for your own rest, relaxation and recovery.

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