How Ankle Mobility Problems Can Hold You Back

October 26, 2017

You might be surprised at how aspects of strength, speed and pain can be related to the ankle joints, but it’s true: improve your ankle mobility and you can improve your fitness, too.

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Build a Beautiful Back – 3 Key Exercises

October 12, 2017

The muscles supporting your spine are key to everyday movements, but many of us don’t work on our backs as much as we should. Whether you’re an athlete or a desk worker: build your back to feel and look better!

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Fit Head to Toe—Train Like a Quarterback

September 19, 2017

If you’ve ever known someone who played football, you know how intense the off-season workouts and pre-season training can be. Players need to be strong, tough and powerful.

At quarterback, we find some of the finest athletes on the field, relying on a special brand of quickness, endurance and more. Here are some ways to train for QB skills like an NFL pro.

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An Easy Reference List of Weight Training Terms

August 24, 2017

You’re getting into weight training and you’ve heard you should focus on compound movements, try a circuit, or shorten your rest between sets, but what does all that mean?

We’ve created an easy-to-understand glossary of terms to help you get a handle on the basic language used by strength training enthusiasts... because lifting weights makes total sense!

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Need a Gentle Start at the Gym? Try These Ideas.

August 8, 2017

Most of us were once beginners at the gym, new to fitness and in need of a guidance. But you might need an even softer start after a setback like illness, injury or other health challenge.

Whether you’re returning from a major surgery, an illness, or simply find yourself very unfit after years of weight gain, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from exercise. And there are some very good reasons for you to take it slow and exercise with care.

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Getting Great Arms—Strong & Sculpted

July 27, 2017

In this warm and wonderful season of summer, we all get to dress a little lighter—now that it’s time to don tank tops and shorts sleeves, how do you feel about the extra exposure?

Of all your upper body highlights, it’s hard to beat the appeal of strong and sculpted arms. Focus on your biceps and triceps this summer with these super effective moves.

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Lean, Strong & Stable: Train like a Water Sport Athlete

July 12, 2017

If you’ve ever watched the Olympic Games, you might have noticed the endurance, flow—and incredible muscular definition—of swimmers, rowers, divers and other water sport elite.

Not to mention the water skiers and the surfers you see on vacation, so balanced and strong... Good news, you can build your skills and your physique with training fit for a summer athlete.

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Top Tips for Working on Muscle & Strength Imbalances

June 21, 2017

Because the body isn’t perfectly symmetrical, we all have strength imbalances to some extent. Strong and weak sides are natural, while injuries and habits can accentuate them even more.

You have a dominant leg and arm, and you might have certain muscles that simply respond better. Here are some tips for bringing up your smaller side or your weaker muscle groups.

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How Fitness Changes Everything: Harold’s New Life

June 13, 2017

Last summer, XSport Fitness member Harold N. took a hard look at himself and saw that the stressors of life had taken their toll on his weight, energy and mood. He wanted change.

So Harold entered our Get Fit competition -- but a major loss made his experience unlike any of the other finalists. Six months later, he’s a trainer. Here’s the story of Harold’s transformation.

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Why You Get Muscle Cramps & How to Avoid Them

May 24, 2017

Maybe it’s the end of a long, tiring day, or in the middle of a hard work out, or worst of all, when you’re out on the field or competing in a race… muscle cramps can really shut you down.

While they’re not uncommon, you want to avoid them, because aside from the obvious pain, these spasms can cost you your performance. Here’s how to prevent and treat muscle cramps.

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InsanityTM—Should You Give it a Try?

May 10, 2017

Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular cardio-based, total-body conditioning program created by Shawn T – it’s called INSANITY and it’s based on the principles of what he calls MAX training.

Most people who give INSANITY a try feel it pushes them to new training heights, which can mean more calories burned, faster results and a more efficient metabolism. But is it for you?

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Should You Ever Do As Many Reps As Possible?

April 19, 2017

Maybe you’ve heard of “training to failure,” which requires you to perform a movement until you literally can’t anymore. Note: it’s not for beginners, and it’s not even necessary for great results.

But there are other ways to approach “as many reps as possible,” or AMRAP, that could be a great way for you to change up your workouts, break through plateaus and reach new goals.

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Fit For the Field—Train Like a Big Leaguer

April 5, 2017

Gone are the days of big, soft baseball players watching daisies grow on the field or sitting on the bench waiting for a quick turn at bat. Modern pros are highly-trained and in peak condition.

Today’s big league players impress with the speed of the swing, agility on the bases, power on the mound and strength behind the plate. To get that fit, try adding these exercises to your workouts.

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My First Fitness Orientation Part II: The Workout

March 21, 2017

As we follow along with our fitness blogger, Faith, we’re getting the first-hand scoop on what it’s like to be a newbie trying various experiences at XSport, from classes to the spa and more.

Last edition, we began the story about her first personal training session—the complimentary orientation offered to new members. Read on to learn what she did in the workout, and how it went.

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My First Fitness Orientation: Getting Off to a Solid Start

March 8, 2017

In recent editions of the XSport Life, our fitness blogger, Faith, has shared her play-by-play as a newbie in classes like Athletix and Boxing, and also a newcomer to pampering at the XSport Spa.

This time, she’s truly starting from square one with a complimentary personal training session. Read on to hear about her assessment (not bad at all!) and personalized fitness plan.

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Fit for the Slopes: Train Like a Snow Sport Athlete

February 21, 2017

Perhaps you’ve noticed the agility, endurance, balance and strength of pro skiers and snowboarders—their skills are admirable in action, and they look good off the slopes, too.

Whether you’re heading out for some black diamond runs or some simple winter fun, there are key fundamentals you can incorporate in your workouts to help you get fit for the slopes.

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How to Protect Your Back at the Gym

February 9, 2017

Your spine—it’s so important as the conduit for your central nervous system, which lets you move. And feel! From neck to tailbone, this is a body part you don't want to mess around with.

There are plenty of attachments to the spine to protect as well. It’s best not to overdo it and hurt your back, or worse, to injure your spine at the gym. Use these tips to avoid a “bad back.”

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Getting Results: Tips from a Top Personal Trainer

January 24, 2017

Results. Getting them is the reason most people join a fitness club in the first place. If you’ve ever wished you were getting more, better results, faster, you’re not alone.

We’ve asked one of our top trainers for specific advice on how he gets results with his clients, and what you can borrow from his approach to get the most from your own fitness program.

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Your First Boxing Class: A Beginner’s Experience

January 12, 2017

At XSport, we offer more than traditional workouts, knowing that it’s good for our bodies to try new things. Still, beginners aren’t always comfortable with new fitness alternatives.

So we’ve sent in a newbie to give things a try. Last month we met Faith, our XSport blogger and beginner in AthletiX. This edition she writes about her first boxing class!

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Super-Fast Fitness Tricks to Fit into Your Schedule

December 29, 2016

Let’s face it, winter hits, the holidays come, end of the year work deadlines are pressing and it tends to get tougher keeping up with your ideal workout routine. We get it.

Hopefully, you’re taking good care of yourself all year long, even when you’re busy. But when you feel pressed for time on some days and just need a quick fix to fill in, try these tricks.

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Hibernating? The Facts about Fat Storage in your Body

December 19, 2016

We all have our reasons for working out and eating smart—hopefully health is at the top of your list. And if we were to guess, we’d bet you probably want to get or stay trim and lean.

If you think fat storage in your body is the “enemy” of a fitness program, know that body fat serves its purposes and offers benefits, too. Read these important facts on fat.

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Your First AthletiX Class: A Beginner’s Experience

November 22, 2016

At XSport, we know the value of a fitness routine that offers plenty of variety and challenge. We offer more than traditional workouts, and hope you’ll try new things.

Still, not all beginners are comfortable trying alternative fitness. So, meet Faith, our XSport blogger. Read her play-by-play of the special classes she’s sampling, starting with AthletiX.

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