Class Schedule

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5:30 PM Yoga Studio /Sarah R 50min
TUESDAY 9:30 AM Boot Camp Studio/John P
5:30 PM Pure Strength Studio /Shirley H 50min
6:30 PM Zumba Studio/Veronica O
5:30 PM Barreless Studio/Monica F 45min
6:30 PM Zumba Studio /Michelle M
THURSDAY 9:30 AM Boot Camp Studio/John P
FRIDAY 9:30 AM Pure Strength Studio/John P
SATURDAY 9:15 AM Zumba Studio /Veronica O
10:30 AM Yoga Studio /Sean R

For questions regarding the Group Exercise Schedule please contact:
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Child’s Play Supervised Play Area is available:
Monday - Saturday: 8:30AM – 11:30AM

*In designated locations, passes are required for admittance due to limited space and membership privileges. Class passes, where applicable, are available 30 minutes prior to class. Member must be present in the club to receive a pass. All classes are subject to change.