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Chicago - Pipers Alley

230 W. North Avenue Chicago IL 60610 · (312)932-9100

Holiday Schedule: Sunday 12/24 (Christmas Eve) - 9am Zumba, Claudia; 10am Insanity, Claudia | Monday (Christmas Day) - ALL CLASSES CANCELLED | Tuesday 12/26 - 9am WERQ CANCELLED
Sunday 12/31 (New Year’s Eve) - 9am Ride, Meera; 10:15am Yoga, Tonna | Monday Jan 1st, 2018 (New Year’s Day) - 9am Ride, Lauren; 10:15am Yoga, Lauren | CANCELLED: Fri. Dec. 29 10am Water Pilates & Sat. Dec. 30 10am Water Fitness

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Classes* Effective November 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 •  Last Updated 10/29/2017
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Chicago - Pipers Alley Class Schedule

6:00 AM(60min) Ride studio 2/Lauren
9:15 AM(45min) Piloxing studio 1/Tania D.
9:30 AM(60min) Water Fitness pool/Patrick
10:00 AM(15min) Six Pack studio 1/TANIA D
10:00 AM(60min) Yoga studio 3/DANIEL M
10:30 AM(60min) Pure Strength studio 1/Tania D.
12:00 PM(60min) Ride studio 2/TERRANCE W
5:15 PM(60min) Rhythm Ride studio 2/TONIA F
5:15 PM(60min) WERQ studio 1/Lorrie
5:45 PM(60min) Power Yoga studio 3/Sarah
6:15 PM(60min) [XTC] XSport Training Club studio 1/AIDA S
6:30 PM(60min) Rhythm Ride studio 2/CHRISTOPHER M
7:15 PM(60min) Turbokick studio 1/Ashley
8:00 PM(60min) Yoga studio 3/KEVIN K
5:30 AM(60min) Boot Camp studio 1/Colleen
9:00 AM(60min) WERQ studio 1/MARK D
9:00 AM(60min) Ride studio 2/TERRANCE W
10:15 AM(60min) Yoga Chisel studio 1/NICOLE S
12:00 PM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga studio 3/NICOLE S
5:00 PM(60min) Zumba studio 1/T.P.
5:30 PM(60min) Yoga studio 3/JOANNA Z
5:45 PM(60min) Rhythm Ride studio 2/TONNA R
6:00 PM(60min) [XTC] XSport Training Club studio 1/KIRSTEN M
7:00 PM(45min) WERQ studio 1/GRACE G
7:00 PM(60min) Ride studio 2/Daria
7:00 PM(60min) Power Yoga studio 3/TONNA R
7:45 PM(45min) Pure Strength studio 1/DENNIE B
8:30 PM(15min) Six Pack studio 2/DENNIE B
6:00 AM(60min) Ride studio 2/LAUREN W
9:00 AM(60min) Barre Fit studio 1/KRISTINA J
9:30 AM(60min) Water Fitness pool/SHARON S
10:30 AM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga studio 3/SHARON S
12:00 PM(60min) R.I.P.P.E.D. studio 1/XOCHITL E
5:00 PM(30min) Rock Bottom studio 1/KIRSTEN M
5:30 PM(30min) Arms & Abs studio 1/KIRSTEN M
5:45 PM(60min) Yoga/Pilates Fusion studio 3/Tonna
6:00 PM(60min) Ride studio 2/Lauren
6:00 PM(60min) Muscle Max studio 1/KIRSTEN M
7:00 PM(60min) Zumba studio 1/DECEMBER K
7:00 PM(60min) Yin Yoga Restore studio 3/Tonna
5:30 AM(60min) Boot Camp studio 1/AIDA S
9:00 AM(30min) Kick it! studio 1/Kirtsen
9:30 AM(30min) CoreFit studio 1/KIRSTEN
10:00 AM(60min) Muscle Up studio 1/John W.
10:15 AM(60min) Yoga studio 3/JOANNA Z
12:00 PM(60min) Power Yoga studio 3/JONATHAN V
5:00 PM(45min) Pure Strength studio 1/AIDA S
5:30 PM(60min) Yoga studio 3/SHELDON K
5:45 PM(15min) Six Pack studio 1/AIDA S
6:00 PM(60min) Turbokick studio 1/JENNIFER D
6:30 PM(60min) Rhythm Ride studio 2/CHRISTOPHER M
7:00 PM(60min) Vinyasa Flow Yoga studio 3/JONATHAN V
7:00 PM(15min) Six Pack studio 1/AIDA S
7:15 PM(45min) [XTC] XSport Training Club studio 1/AIDA S
6:00 AM(60min) Rhythm Ride studio 2/CHRIS M
9:00 AM(60min) TRAINx3 studio 1/KIRSTEN
9:30 AM(60min) Yoga studio 3/ASHLEY F
10:00 AM(60min) Water Pilates pool/Lorraine
10:00 AM(60min) Zumba studio 1/Dee
12:00 PM(60min) Party Ride studio 2/JOHN W
5:00 PM(60min) Yoga studio 3/Ashley
5:30 PM(60min) Boot Camp studio 1/DENNIE B
6:45 PM(60min) Zumba studio 1/DENNIE B
9:00 AM(60min) Power Yoga studio 3/Kevin
9:00 AM(60min) Pure Strength studio 1/JENNIFER D
9:30 AM(60min) Rhythm Ride studio 2/JILL P
10:00 AM(60min) Water Fitness pool/Lorraine
10:15 AM(60min) Turbokick studio 1/CHRISTINE B
10:30 AM(60min) Yoga studio 3/Kimberly
11:30 AM(60min) [XTC] XSport Training Club studio 1/Jill P.
12:30 PM(60min) WERQ studio 1/CAROLYN W
9:00 AM(60min) Ride studio 2/TEAM
9:00 AM(60min) Yoga studio 3/Tonna
10:15 AM(60min) Yoga studio 3/Tonna
10:30 AM(60min) Turbokick studio 1/CLAIRE S
11:30 AM(30min) Pure Strength studio 1/CLAIRE S

Child’s Play Supervised Play Area is available:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 1pm & 4pm – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 1pm

For questions or concerns regarding the Group Exercise Schedule please contact:
Nancy Gibbons, Regional Group Exercise Manager

*In designated locations, passes are required for admittance due to limited space and membership privileges. Class passes, where applicable, are available 30 minutes prior to class. Member must be present in the club to receive a pass. All classes are subject to change.

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