Get Fit Challenge II 2014 Grand Prize Winner

"Since Get Fit started, I've set new personal bests. My eating habits are far better and I'm generally happier. I can truly say that I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without my trainer and the Challenge."

Success Stories - CJ - Before and After

When I think of the "Get Fit Challenge," when I think of the past few months, the word "investment" comes to mind. It's a powerful word. Taking the challenge was an investment in me: in my physical and mental health, now and in the future. GFC for me brought about a different challenge than most. I liked to exercise but I also liked to have fun and I was okay with the status quo of how I looked. That all changed when the Fitness Director, Bashir, literally walked across the gym and approached me. He told me that he believed that with the right trainer, I could transform my body. With some persistence from Bashir, I signed up and it was because I knew his words were genuine. He signed me up with Brendan, a trainer at my XSport in Chicago. It was a match made in Gym Heaven.

From Session 1, Brendan was there making sure that I was doing everything I can to achieve the (at the time) incredible goals that we laid out. I weighed in for GFC at 232 lbs. He laid out a training regimen (focusing on high intensity), a diet plan (focusing on low carbs and high fat/protein) as well as how to maximize the supplements I got from XSport. The goal was to drop into the 180's at least but strive for the 170's. One of his first texts was "I have faith in you." This was a recurring theme throughout the training program. He kept telling me that I can do it and he's always going to challenge me. He lived up to those texts. He was right there by my side the entire time. I truly believe that he was as invested as I was in the Challenge. That belief led me to train harder. Even when I was training on the road because of work, his voice is in my head, telling me to push harder, to not give up and to be better. His influence transcended the Challenge - I'm more conscious of my daily activities and lifestyle choices. Since Get Fit started, I've set new personal bests with my Fitbit. My eating habits are far better and I'm generally happier. I can truly say that I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without my trainer and the Challenge.

One of the cool effects from the Challenge was my newfound love of the Chocolate Casein that came in my pack. I enjoyed it so much that I bought three more when I ran out; I can't get enough of it! Protein powder for me was crucial to meet my macros, especially while traveling for work since I'm a road warrior.

I'm so convinced of the training that I've signed up for additional sessions because I have new 2015 goals. I know I can meet the new goals because this Challenge has taught me that it's worth the investment because it will pay off.

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jenFollow fellow contestant, Jennifer, as she blogs about her Get Fit Challenge experience. She will be posting weekly updates on her progress, and will hopefully provide some inspiration and motivation as she goes through the highs and lows of her transformation.
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