Get Fit Challenge II 2016 Participant

"The 2016 Get Fit Challenge II meant total transformation in my physical appearance, my body fat, and my approach to life."

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For me, the 2016 Get Fit Challenge II meant total transformation in my physical appearance, my body fat, and my approach to life. Shortly after entering the competition, my mom passed away without warning. This contest reminded me it takes a decision, the determination and a solid team to win in life because the challenges will always be there.

Unfortunately, when one makes a decision, his determination is tested. In addition to battling my own moments of grief, self-doubt, and physical discomfort, I faced hostility from people who took issue with my entering the competition. Not surprisingly, the most miserable people are those who only care about themselves and who see others as rivals instead of resources. This competition forced me to look past my feelings to focus on my habits and my health.

XSport Fitness locations being open 24-hours took away the excuse of “not having time” to work out. In addition to the supportive staff and no intimidation policies in this place, all of the personal trainers I interacted with helped me find ways to increase my weight loss results and encourage a successful mindset. My trainer, Johnny, used his expertise to (a) identify my body’s need areas and develop a strong workout plan, (b) prioritize all the metrics of a total body transformation, and (c) chart my progress in support of my fitness goals. Working with Johnny and taking the appropriate supplements while I pushed my body to its breaking point every day changed my mindset as to how I approach life’s challenge.

Jogging in my neighborhood, working out in the sauna to hit my goal of burning 1,000 calories/day, and adding more reps/weights to each workout were all therapeutic for me. I also incorporated several of the Get Fit supplements into my fitness program. Isopure® was key in the leaning out process. I took advantage of Amino Energy® to build energy and endurance. Finally, Hydroxycut® - to trim the waist – made sure my 200+ sit-ups per day were not in vain. While I had always been one to take my vitamins, the Get Fit supplements made a difference in my workout results. Regardless of the outcome of this competition, I have exceeded the goals of my trainer and hit my personal goals.

The benefits of winning the 2016 Get Fit Challenge II competition, for me, are having (1) the evidence of my dedication to this new lifestyle and (2) a platform to workout with others so that they gain the confidence I have now. Unlike most, I am proud of those who feel negatively about me, my workouts or my new life. They are showing me the rare mental fitness ability to focus on something. This means that regardless what upsets them now they can have the impeccable focus necessary to create a better life. That said, it is time for the world to get fit!

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