Get Fit Challenge II 2016 Participant

"My skin is clearer, my sleep is better, my energy levels are higher, and my general well-being and attitude towards life is more positive."

Success Stories - Marsha - Before and After

I began my journey to support my best friend whose son was recently diagnosed with cancer. My incentive for enrolling was to help offset medical bills for her family. What started as a monetary motivation quickly turned into a life-changing adventure that has transformed me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The program goals were designed collaboratively between myself and my trainer, Lori. Our goals were specific, measurable, and realistic. Examples include twice weekly weight training, cardiac exercise four days per week, daily food journal, and weight loss of 30lbs and 15” overall.

My trainer was a pivotal part of my ongoing success. She was encouraging yet challenging, and forced me to step out of my comfort zone and try classes such as X-IT, Aerial Yoga, Barre, AthletiX and even boxing! I never would have thought to try these classes on my own, but looked forward to attending class every day. The community that I experienced at XSport was what drew me in and kept me coming day after day. XSport fostered a warm and welcoming environment. I truly felt like I was part of a family every time I walked through the doors.

The best accessory that I purchased was the Polar band and heart monitor. I wore it for the X-IT classes and seeing results in real time pushed me to work harder and built up my strength and endurance. I also really appreciated the emailed results which allowed me to track my progress. My supplements provided me with energy and stamina. They also aided in promoting muscle strength, recovery after workouts, and supplied essential nutrients that might have been lacking in my diet. Additionally I appreciated the low calorie, sugar free and refreshing flavors of these supplements.

As the challenge draws to a close, I am pleasantly surprised as I reflect back on my results. I have lost over 40lbs and 30” overall. One of the exciting benefits is being able to walk into my closet and wear anything! The physical transformation has been dramatic, but what I am most proud of is my change in mindset regarding healthy eating and exercise. Prior to this challenge, I was a mindless and emotional eater, and a sporadic exerciser with the sole goal of burning calories. However, writing in a food journal and being intentionally conscious about what I was eating helped me to see food as a means of energy and nourishment. I also began to see exercise as an important part of my daily routine, not an option but a necessity. The Spa at XSport was also an integral part of my success. The benefits of the sauna, hydro-massage, and fitness pod were magical. It was a great detox and recovery for sore muscles.

My skin is clearer, my sleep is better, my energy levels are higher, and my general well-being and attitude towards life is more positive. XSport truly offers the whole package – from the employees, amenities, and other members of the health club, there is truly something for everyone!

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