Get Fit Challenge II 2016 Grand Prize Winner

"I’ve learned that I’m in control of my excuses or my results!"

Success Stories - Shahd - Before and After

After a terrifying back injury my life took a turn for the worst. My biggest mistake was I denied my health. I let daily excuses take power over my life & the “I’ll start Monday I swear” became a weekly broken promise. I remember my fear of not wanting people to see me & who I became. I became that girl who stayed home and felt safe being alone. I secretly cried for help hoping someone would notice! I decided to make a visit to the doctor desperate for answers but at only 28 years old I left the Doctor’s office in tears holding 3 diabetes prescriptions, 4 pages of blood work & an ultrasound referral. I was obese with hypertension & high cholesterol. Was this really happening or was I stuck in a nightmare? This wasn’t my plan and this isn’t how the rest of my life is supposed to start!

That’s it! I was going to get to the gym no matter what. I was going to get my health back! When I checked-in I saw the sign with the winners of the get fit challenge & the start of the new one. This was my opportunity. I immediately reached out to a personal trainer, Wiktor. “If I commit to this would you please train me?” Without hesitation he responded “YES!” Wiktor gave me his full attention & discussed how we will overcome this together. My goal was to lose 40 lbs & go back to the doctor 100% healthy. He advised me to train 3 times a week & what supplements to take including how to adjust my diet. It was tough, when I didn’t believe in myself Wiktor still believed in me. Wiktor’s commitment to me kept me committed to myself. I would’ve given up, just like I always did if I did not have a coach supporting me along the way. I’m so thankful for his expertise & genuine care for his clients.

I would ignore all of the supplements on the way into the gym but when I started seeing & feeling results I made sure I never ran out. I looked forward to working out just to earn a shake. I also ensured I was taking vitamins & included BCAAs. The multivitamins gave me more energy than I ever had.

I’ve learned that I’m in control of my excuses or my results! I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes & gained a lifelong confident smile. My perspective towards life & people has grown into love. I have earned my life back! Without a doubt I’ll continue to train with my coach & new best friend Wiktor because without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’ll ensure that I stay on track so others can look to me & say “if she did it, I can do it too!” Only 3 months & now my life has once again taken a turn but this time for the BEST!

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