About X-IT

What is X-IT?

A 1-hour Interval Training Class that constantly monitors your heart rate to ensure that you reach your maximum level, allowing your body to continue to burn calories and fat for up to 36 hours after class. Intervals include free weights, rowing, TRX workouts and so much more!

x-it interval training

Why Would I Want to Try It?

Whether your fitness goals are weight loss, a stronger/leaner body or improved endurance, this is the class for you.


Your heart rate will be monitored throughout the entire class. Your goal is to reach and maintain 85% of your maximum heart rate for 20 or more minutes of the class. This allows your body to continue to burn calories and fat for a day or more after the class.

Who is part of it?

The class is led by the XSport Elite. The best of the best Personal Trainers have been hand picked and X-IT certified to have the privilege of teaching this class. Only XSport Members can join X-IT. Members of all fitness levels can benefit from this class because your workout is 100% personalized to your heart rate while being supported by the energy of the group.

When can I do it?

You can participate in an X-IT class whenever your schedule allows. Several classes are available throughout the week. You just need to join X-IT, choosing a plan based on how often you want to work out, then schedule your classes online.

To attend a FREE TRIAL CLASS, fill out and submit the request form on this page ---->

To attend a FREE TRIAL CLASS, fill out and submit the request form below.

kettle bell push ups

X-IT Xtras

man with kettlebell


Leave the dumbbells on the gym floor and try this upper body workout to attain the strength and definition you’ve been looking for!
man doing TRX workout


Reach your strength, core stability, flexibility and balance fitness goals with this body weight workout.
woman boxing


Fight for your fitness! Hit, kick and punch your way to a fitter and faster you.
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